20 Gauge Ameritek USA Rare Earth Intraocular Magnet with it’s autoclavable tray.

WARNING! Handle with care! Do not drop, bend, or shock! 

The probe is a precisely made micro-surgical instrument!   

  • To retrieve the instrument from its protective autoclavable tray; Grasp in between the rubber holders toward and closest to the textured front section of the handle and pull upwards to avoid bending the tip.
  • When returning the instrument to its protective autoclavable tray:
  • First rest the instrument on top of the rubber holders and center the instrument to the tray.
  • Next gently push downwards in between the center of the rubber holders toward the rear of the instrument locking the rear in place.
  • Then finally press the center of the handle downwards to lock the front in place and avoid bending the tip.
  • After centering the instrument while applying caution not to bend the tip, gentle even downward pressure may also be used to replace the instrument into the rubber holders simultaneously. 



  • The probe must be cleaned immediately after use.                                    
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning procedures.
  • Clean the probe with a non-metallic soft bristle medical instrument approved scrub brush and approved detergents.
  • After cleaning rinse the probe with water to clear off any leftover extra matter.
  • When the rinse is completed, place the probe on a clean towel and allow it to dry.


  • Method 1. The Sterrad ® System – Standard Cycle 20 minutes.                                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Method 2. Flash Autoclave – 132 Degrees C for 4-5 minutes or via the vacuum cycle 121 Degrees C for a maximum of 30 minutes @ 26 psi.
  • WARNING! Do not exceed the maximum temperature and minutes stated above.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Method 3. ETO Gas – 15 psi for 3 hours.


  • The probe must be stored in its protective autoclavable tray.    
  • WARNING! Storage of the probe in proximity with other magnetic or ferrous objects may be detrimental to the instrument.